Donovan Rypkema Leads Planning Discussions

Don Rypkema 2

Donovan Rypkema

On April 28, Four Rivers and the City of Annapolis hosted a roundtable discussion at the James Brice House in downtown Annapolis, with nationally-renowned speaker Donovan Rypkema of PlaceEconomics. Rypkema outlined the work that could be accomplished through a planned economic study analyzing the positive effects of historic preservation on the local economy. The roundtable group included many Four Rivers stakeholders from local non-profit organizations, the Anne Arundel County department of Planning and Zoning, the Maryland Historical Trust, and local residents. Topics discussed included input from the assembled stakeholders on questions they would like to see answered through such a study. Rypkema also spoke to a large group at the City Council Chambers in Annapolis that same evening as part of the celebration of “Preservation50,” which recognizes the 50th Anniversary of the National Historic Preservation Act of 1966 and is the reason we have a federally-certified historic preservation program in Annapolis. Rypkema discussed his previous PlaceEconomics studies in cities across the United States including Raleigh, NC, Pittsburgh, PA, and San Antonio, TX.


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